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Safe Housing for Chapel Hill

Everyone Deserves a Safe Place to Live




o   Dr. Avner Vengosh, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Health, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

§  “Coal ash legacy in Chapel Hill“ (9-8-2022)

§  Legacy of Coal Combustion: Widespread Contamination of Lake Sediments (9-15-2022)


o   Dr. Julia Kravchenko, Associate Professor, Duke School of Medicine

§  Kravchenko and Lyerly (2018): “The Impact of Coal-Powered Electrical Plants and Coal Ash Impoundments on the Health of Residential Communities [In North Carolina]”

§  Kravchenko and Ruhl (2021): "Coal Combustion Residuals and Health"  


o   Dr. Kristina Zierold, Associate Professor of Environmental Health, University of Alabama, Birmingham

§  Zierold and Odoh (2020): "A review on fly ash from coal-fired power plants"

§  Zierold and Sears (2025): “Community Views About the Health and Exposure of Children Living Near a Coal Ash Storage Site”

§  Zeirold et. al. (2021): “Nail samples of children living near coal ash storage facilities suggest fly ash explore and elevated concentrations of metaloids”


o   Nina Lakhani (The Guardian)

§  Exposure to environmental toxins may be root of rise in neurological disorders (10/23/2022)


o   9/22/22 Health Impacts Forum

§  Health Impacts Forum Flyer

§  Slide Show

§  Video


o   Physicians for Social Responsibility:

§  “Coal Ash Hazardous to Human Health”


o   Abel Russ, Senior Attorney Environmental Integrity Project 

§  Review of Hart & Hickman Risk Assessment Report (5/16/2022)


o   Earth Justice Report:

§  Cleaning Up Coal Ash For Good (2021)